Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wabi Sabi Circle of Friends: Featured Knitter and Project

Friend and fabulous knitter, Loïza, has knit a beautiful, cabled headband modeled by her equally fabulous daughter, Arielle. She reports that it matches her winterwear perfectly and is quite warm. Loïza will post a comment with specifics on the yarn and pattern. Please comment on your own headband project.

Let's discuss knitwear for the college crowd. Are headbands a popular choice? Do busy knitters like them because they offer a relatively quick and yet potentially interesting and complex project? Do college students like sporting them around campus? The ease of use? The benefits when having a bad hair day? Or their ability to cradle your brain during finals? Share your comments in Wabi Sabi Knitting Land.
Have a good day and go knit something!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Welcome to My Stash Alberta Postcards!

The Wabi Sabi Knitter invites you to raid her stash and check out this great blog!

This week I met Diane who, bless her, is the first person outside my small group of friends who has commented on my site. Because of her kind comment I am now a bit more courageous about sharing my blog with the wide world. It turns out that she is a talented photographer and writer as evidenced by her blog, Alberta Postcards, Conspire to Inspire at This blog is sure to inspire you whatever your art or craft. It's inspired me to take and post more pictures of my yarn and knitting projects. Enjoy this great site.

The comment by the Alberta Postcards author has also inspired me to take a second look at how I learned to knit and how other knitters have learned their craft. That post will be forthcoming; I hope to share some tips on surviving and enjoying the learning curve to knitting proficiency (or just capability!) If you have some tips or ideas you'd like to share, please comment now! I'll incorporate your comments into that post later.

I decided that it will be a Wabi Sabi Knitter tradition to formally introduce new blogs and welcome them. Now go blog, knit and be happy!