Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I like Ike

One sure way to unravel (pun intended) from knots in our yarn is to seek out a feline or canine friend. Knitters and crocheters can reward our furry soul mates for the solace they provide with the gift of hand-knit sweaters and accessories. Some non-knitters might find this odd. Why spend hours and hundreds of stitches on an animal? Why not? We knit for our human friends so why not put our sticks together for our four-legged companions? I daresay it was more gratifying to give my old dog a bone than to present some (and only some, most people are appreciative) persnickety humans with a hand-knit item. Here's a (somewhat) less subjective reply: In 2005 US New and World Report published an article titled, "The Pet Prescription." Its subtitle was, "See Spot run. Then see Spot lower your blood pressure and boost your immunity. Really."

Really indeed. Isn't a handknit item worth the rejuvenation of body and spirit these creatures provide?

If a knitter has the time and inclination to show her love with a knitted doggy sweater, I say more power to her. My friend Erika did just that. She crocheted the dog coat shown in the picture for her "grand-dog" Ike. Ike shares his home with his human companions Toby and Amy. Erika said she enjoyed the sweater and it was easy to finish. Ike seems perfectly pleased!

Knitters and crocheters what say you? Are projects intended for four-leggeds now in your queue?