Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy New Year 2010: Keep Knitting!

Happy New Year and happy knitting! 2010 is two weeks old and it's time for some inspiration and updates. I want to stay connected with you in 2010 and share the wonderful journey of life and knitting. You'll find some updates here as well as a link to a great You Tubevideo that may help cure some tension problems when knitting. I'm going to post separately about the swatch you see here and (more importantly) how to see where tension problems exist and how to fix them.
The Knitting Guild of America has great advice on technique, especially when you are trying to perfect stitch tension.
I vow to knit more in 2010. You are my witness. This will be a challenge. Why? Time for you to be updated: I took on a new challenge in 2009 that will impact 2010, my life in general, and, of course, my knitting. I filled out the appropriate paperwork and declared a second undergraduate degree in biochemistry. It is a wonderful and challenging course of study. I must admit, though, classes have cut deeply into my knitting time. Also my sleeping, eating, and family time. I am on a mission, though, for most of my adult life I suffered from undiagnosed celiac disease, an autoimmune disease, andI intend to make a contribution to the field of immunology.

Having said that I must insist: being a science major is fun. Yes, I'm not only a yarn-nerd but a science nerd, too! So, extra emphasis on time management skills in 2010. Let's learn together as I am convinced we could all stand to manage our time just a bit better. I want to hear from those of you out there whose lives are quite frankly getting in the way of their knitting. How do you work around it? How do you sneak it in? I'll be giving some ideas about portable knitting and approaches to working on projects at least a few minutes a day. I hope to add an e-mail link to me, soon. In the meantime, please comment!

In 2010 you'll see some new posts and sections on the blog that reflect the marriage of yarn and science. I'll be sharing some links to podcasts and audible books that are inspirational and informative. Also, I'll share more techniques as I work my way through Lesson 1 on the Knitting Guild of America's correspondence course. Well worth it! And, my instructor understands my limited time and is working with me. Great!

One of the first lessons I've learned is to watch my tension. Or, more accurately, to learn to see how uneven tension can affect my stitches. I knit in the Continental Style. When I first learned to knit I honestly did not know there were even different ways to knit, to hold yarn, etc. I now understand that the way you knit can result in tight or loose knit or purl stitches. My instructor recommended this video from Craft Sanity -- -- to help me from making my knit stitches too tight and my purls too loose:

Watch this blog for annotated pictures of my lesson swatches to see how too loose purls show up in your knitting. Simple techniques, big effect on your knitting.

Until next time, keep knitting. Be happy!


Diane said...

many successes in 2010 with your knitting and the science too!
PS: I've always loved the word "purl" ... love the sound of that word!

Wabi Sabi Knitter said...

Thank you Diane! I'm so glad you commented. I was trying to find your link and couldn't. Same to you: success and joy in 2010!